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I decided to make this application Open Source, please return to this page in a couple of months
to download the new version (1.2.0) and to donate if you wish to. This one will be stripped of trial limitations.
The version 1.2.0 is ready, but I have to find some time to polish it before putting it on the site.
Download free version
Free key: UVQP-2DV9-7NCH-AFS3-I6R2

A video demonstration

Here you can see a video demonstration of Desktop Panorama and a quick tour on it's features.

Choose a type

  Free Free
Expand the desktop
Drag windows to/from desktop
Arrange windows
Switch the desktop
Water animation
Pin to desktop
System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 / 32 and 64 bit.


1.1.0 version released


In this release there is a new feature: the snap marks that you can place to any area of Panorama to facilitate desktop switching. There is also the Windows 8 RC support and many bug fixes and stability improvements: e.g. in sleep mode stability, better support for fast user switching, collected crash reports fixes, driver crash autorecovery etc. Error recovery is also improved concentrating on preserving windows by all means.

1.0.2 version released


In this release there are a few optimizations of CPU usage.

The release of Desktop Panorama


We are proud to announce the release of Desktop Panorama - we may say: the first real linear virtual desktop. After a couple of years of steady and not so easy development here is the version 1.0.1. Desktop Panorama comes in two flavors - the free version that also enables you to test the features of a full version, and if you like it you can purchase it for $15.

Golden Tesla's Egg

Desktop panorama won a glod medal at the VIDI e-novation contest of 2008. Vidi e-novation is the main croatian hi-tech innovation contest and it's goal is to promote new ideas that can be interesting on the world's market.

- E-novation Award

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